Humour is the Only Response to Bureaucracy

I’ve been doing a lot of on-site work with a particular client this year. They have those super-powered hand dryers in all of the bathrooms. Above each hand dryer, there’s this little laminated sign:

Absurdly bureaucratic, no? Humour is the only response to this kind of punctiliousness, isn’t it? So, I quietly produced and laminated a replacement sign:

That satisfied me for a few months, but I was concerned that it was overly subtle. Someone might assume that a new edict had been rolled out by senior management, nullifying the original instruction. So I tried a slightly more obvious angle:

In retrospect, I really should have put the line break between “air” and “like”.

There’s still gold in this vein. I plan to make one more sign before the year is out. I was thinking of going with something more nonsensical:

Hände hoch, baby, Hände hoch mir dein Herz, gib mir, gib mir dein Herz

Which, roughly translated, is “hands up, baby, hands up, give me your heart, give me give me your heart” in German.

But I’m sure you could do better. Any suggestions?


  1. Over one drier put
    “Use sparingly, air doesn’t grow on trees!”
    and over the other
    “Use frequently, air does grow on trees!”

  2. MEC did try try out the Dyson airblade, but i guess people decided they liked the other blower better. They put the signs there for Health and Safety concerns due to the loudness.

  3. Best wash room sign I’ve read is in my office, kept by the facility & admin dept:

    My aim is to keep the washrooms clean
    Your aim will help!

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