Day 10 and Prizes For Donations

I’m officially one-third of the way through my Novembeard. I gotta say that, thus far, I’m pretty unexcited about this whole beard thing. I’m already looking forward to the end of the month when I can shave it off and return to my clean-shaven ways.

In the meantime, though, prostate cancer research needs your cashola. Thus far I’ve raised $365, but that’s a good distance away from my goal of $1000.

So, I’m going to sweeten the offer. If you donate at least $25, you get your choice of a copy of our book (signed by the authors, with five copies available in English, Portuguese and, soonish, Polish) or one of these fancy t-shirts from Threadless. Click for a close-up and to examine my ten days of facial hair:


I have these t-shirts because I belong to Threadless’s t-shirt-a-month club. I’ve liked most of the shirts I received, but these two are a little too purple or a little too yellow for my liking. Both are size men’ large, and brand new.

Just make a donation, and then email me (darren at darrenbarefoot fullstop com) and tell me what you want. Thanks to everyone who has donated already, and please, won’t somebody think of the prostates?

UPDATE: The t-shirts are spoken for–thanks for the donations!

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