Day 4 and Your Father’s Moustache

It’s Day 4 of Project Novembeard. I think things are coming along nicely. I shaved my neckline for the first time, and I think I was a little too precious about things. It wasn’t a chin strap, but I took a little too much off. Fortunately I’ve found this highly scientific page that offers precise instructions on preventing neckbeard action.

Here’s the growth as of the morning of Day 4:

In related news, we at the Digital Vancouver Movember team have launched a charming photo blog entitled My Father’s Moustache. It’s a collection of excellent photos of people’s father’s moustaches.

Did your Dad ever sport a rockin’ ‘stache? Please consider submitting a photo.


  1. I’m the opposite of Derek. My father has sported a full stache since he was 24 years old. None of the members of my family have ever seen him without a stache.

    (I just sent you a pic of it, because the form won’t work for me)

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