Gretzky, Montana and Will Smith at a High School Football Game

I just read this silly National Post piece about Wayne Gretzky’s interest in his team moving to southern Ontario. The article contains a throwaway reference to the Great One’s ties to California:

“Why would Wayne want to go back to Canada?” asked Hollywood agent and friend Marv Dauer. “He’s been in L.A. for 21 years. His kids are in school here – one of them is a star football player who plays with Will Smith’s kid and Joe Montana’s kid – and his wife obviously likes the good weather.

That’s quite the pedigree. I went looking for confirmation, and found this great ESPN piece about the three superstars attending the same high school football game. It turns out that Joe’s son plays on an opposing team in the same league, but it’s still a charming story.

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  1. That was a great article.

    Just a point of clarification, Montana plays on the Varsity team, Gretzky and Smith play on the JV team, same school (not opposing teams).

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