That’s One Weird Google Ad

We use Gmail for our personal and professional email. As Gmail users know, Google often runs a content-specific text ad in the space above the main buttons in the interface. Tonight, while looking at my Inbox view (as opposed to viewing or writing a message) I noticed the ad:

One Weird AdSense Ad

It is, indeed, an ad for KLM. The ad’s link is here. If you click that, you’ll notice that it actually redirects three times (once from, and then three times around the KLM site). That’s a bit weird, isn’t it?

Is there some secret code that I’m supposed to crack, or is that just gibberish? The irony, of course, is that the nonsense words actually made me click the link.


  1. I’d say “tesr” is a typo for “test” and the rest of it is a bit of pseudo-greeked text created by mashing the top-left row of the keyboard.

    Someone let their test code roam wild, I’d bet.

    1. That seems likely, given the proximity on the keyboard of ‘t’ to ‘r’.

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