The Pseudo-Science of a Star’s Hotness

Angelina Jolie in an Alice Cooper t-shirtLast week I was in the Giant Ant Media offices. In a passing conversation, Giant Anter Leah taught me the movie-actor-movie game, where one person names a movie, the other person responds with an actor from that movie, and the first person has to name another movie the actors has appeared in. It instantly appealed to the cinephile in me.

A couple of days later James and I were having dinner after an event, and I told him about the game. This conversation ensued:

JAMES: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

DARREN: George Clooney.

JAMES: Out of Sight.

DARREN: Jennifer Lopez.

JAMES: Nice. You know, that was her at her hottest.

DARREN: Agreed. The zenith of her hotness.

And thus, a website was borne. A week later, we present Zenith of Hotness:

A website with a humble purpose: to scientifically ascertain the peak of a given actor or actress’s hotness.

Vote on when your favourite stars achieved maximum hotness. If you think they haven’t reached their Zenith of Hotness, choose ‘Still Ascending’.

It’s simple, and not as slick as we might have liked, but we’re adhering to Ze Frank’s excellent advice about ideas and brain crack (er, rated PG for language).

We encourage feedback, suggestions and abuse. Do you have a particular star or starlet whose hotness you’d like analyzed? Just ask.


  1. We always called that game ‘DeNiro’, partially because no matter what, Robert DeNiro turned up in every round.

    And partially because we played it similar to HORSE, where you get a letter if you can’t name someone or lose a challenge. You get the full DENIRO and you’re out.

  2. I always heard the game called “RANT”, which works like “HORSE” as well. Not sure where the name came from though… DeNiro is a bit more obvious 😉

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