Some Random NHL Predictions

Because I’ve been thinking about this weekend’s hockey pool, and the forthcoming season. Heck, I even caved and ordered cable so I could watch some Canucks games at home.

  • The Red Wings will repeat as Stanley Cup winners, beating out the Habs in the finals.
  • Sidney Crosby and Evgeny Malkin will finish one-two in the scoring race, but a lack of healthy defencemen will prevent Pittsburgh from reaching the finals.
  • Los Angeles and the New York Islanders will battle it out for worst in the league (and thus the best shot at drafting phenom John Tavares). I’m giving it to the Kings (despite Barry Melrose’s presence in Tampa Bay).
  • Mats Sundin will bide his time until December and sign with a team that promises to make a playoff run. That won’t be the Canucks because…
  • The Canucks won’t score enough goals to make the playoffs.
  • The Sedin brothers will give up hockey and become Mormons. Doesn’t this photo scream “we’re wearing temple garments under our golf shirts”?
  • I guess those are all pretty safe bets. What are your predictions?


  1. I’m not much for predicting because I’m a die hard Canucks fan and I always think they’ll make the playoffs lol. I like your Sundin prediction. (That picture of the Sedins looks like what the pictures of me and my siblings looked like when my mom chose what we wore…very uncomforable lol). I have to agree with your Crosby/Malkin prediction though. After seeing the first couple preseason games I think if the Canucks don’t make the playoffs it not be for lack of fighting.

  2. I hate to say this but the canucks won;t make the playoffs. Sundin won’t be the impact player we/he was hoping for and will retire. Luongo will be in his final year of his contract and he will be looking to be moved to a playoff contender in the east (say Montreal – interesting if he and Lecavalier end up there)
    The only bright spot in the future is Cody Hodgson, but the poor fellow will end up like Linden – “Mr. Bridesmaid”

  3. Why would the Sedin’s have to give up hockey if they became Mormon’s? Ever heard of Brent Peterson the assistant coach of the Predator’s. Mormon! Maybe someone should take a look at all the profesionall athletes that are Mormon from boxers to hockey players to world champion rodeo cowboys. Just a hint :).

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