What Are The Other Issues About?

I spotted this magazine in the ‘great room’ (an odd phrase, that) of the resort where we’re staying here in Tofino:

What are the other issues about?

What are the other issues about? Ducks? Glassware? Maybe they should have called it ‘The Architect’s Issue”.


  1. The magazine is poorly named. It’s not really about architecture at all; rather, it’s a high-end snobby interior design publication. Most of the time it profiles the Manhattan penthouses and French Riviera chateaux of stars and the super-rich. (My mom has been buying the mag since the 1970s.)

    Incidentally, back around that time, one issue of Architectural Digest contained the most snooty ad copy I’ve ever read, something to this effect:

    “When your neighbour asks you where he can get an Aston Martin Lagonda like yours, tell him he probably can’t.”

    The car in question was this hideous beast, by the way.

  2. It doesn’t look that odd to me. It’s like every few months (it seems) I see one or other of the “Men’s” magazines announcing the “Sex Issue” or the “Naked Issue”.

    (Yes I know it’s the same point as Comment 1, but it struck me before I saw the comments, so I feel I have to make it!)

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