Email to a Minor Celebrity

I just sent this note to a minor television celebrity, concerning her apparently insecure website:

Hi, I randomly visited your site after watching an episode of [your show]. I was clicking around a bit, and discovered that your gallery section permits access to what’s called the ‘admin’ section of your site. Or, at least that’s how it looks to my (only semi-informed) eyes.

That means that a naughty person could upload any photos they want to that section, change the password or otherwise mess with the site. You should send this email to your web designer or administrator who can verify my suspicions, and close this security hole.

Best of luck, and I enjoyed your work on [the former show]. Cheers. DB.

I didn’t actually try to upload a photo, but it sure looks like I can. It also looks like I can change the admin password. But I’m certainly no system administrator, so I could be wrong.

There’s an email address on her site. What are they odds that anybody actually checks it? She’s not a household name, but you might recognize her as that actress with a small role on that popular show.

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