Tsunamis Come to Tofino

We’re back from Tofino–we had a productive week away. Here are some photos. I was amused to see how much visibilities tsunamis had around Long Beach and Tofino. These signs were all over the place:

That Guy is Screwed

That guy on the sign is totally screwed, eh? I’ll tell you what happened there. He went to the beach to watch. From the information book in our hotel room at the Long Beach Lodge:

Do not go to the beach to watch

That is a tsunami of bad grammar, too.

I’ve been coming to this region off and on for about 25 years, and it’s only in the past year or two that they’ve been so, uh, tsunami-aware.

For future reference, apparently the center of the town of Tofino is considered a safe zone from tsunamis. Given its location, I was skeptical, but I’ll trust the experts.


  1. I watched a Tsunami in Port Alberni once. I remember my dad parking the car high up on a hill and we sat on the hood and watched all these buildings being swept away. I thought it was so cool. Now I guess we would just watch it on CNN.

  2. We recently took a 4 day trip to the Oregon coast and found that we were constantly going in and out of Tsunami zones. It appeared to me that someone had been given a government grant to study the tsunami zones and the government had to put up all these signs to justify the outlay.

    Anybody have a better answer?

    Moxie Woman

  3. Bad grammar seems to be part of tsunami’s 😉

    I was amused to see how much visibilities tsunamis had around Long Beach and Tofino.

  4. Eva: If I read your winky emoticon right–I’m pretty sure the plural doesn’t get an apostrophe. It’s like ‘skis’.

  5. I felt like the guy on the sign when I did the west coast trail. Next to each campsite was a tsunami safe point. Some of them were about 20 minutes away up extremely steep cliffs or ladders. I can’t imagine surviving a Tsunami while on the west coast trail, but hey, that didn’t stop me and I would do it again in a heart beat.

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