For the Victoria Locals: Recommend a Dentist

Forgive the, uh, narrowcasting of this particular entry, but we’re looking for a dentist. We don’t have many requirements, except that they shouldn’t be a sadist, and should be located within walking distance of downtown or Cook Street Village.

If you live in Victoria and like your dentist, leave a comment or email me at darren at darrenbarefoot (full stop) dot com.


  1. I went to Gillian Bridge on Cook Street… this was 15 years ago, mind you, but I think she’s still there. Competent, no trace of sadism.

  2. I live in Victoria and have been going to Dr. Frank Van Gyn for many years. Very good. Nice office staff. He has a dog that spends the day at the office. A nice old heritage house on Fort St just up from Cook. Plus if you go there and mention my name, I’ll get a free starbuck’s card for recommending him.

    Something tells me you are presenting at Third Tuesday Vancouver next month? If so, I’m hoping to be over in Vancouver then and will say hi!

  3. Dr. Christine Gaucher at 1120 Yates, 384-4814. I’ve been a client for many many years. She’s lovely and very understanding of my insane fear of needles (thankfully, I don’t need them very often). I like her a lot, and she’s tiny, so she’s not scary at all. 🙂

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