Social Signal is Up For a Webby

Rob of Social Signal fame sent an email alerting me that one of their projects, Change Everything, is up for a Webby. Congrats! From the Social Signal blog, they’ve got some stiff competition:

As David and Goliath matchups go, Change Everything versus Facebook at first looks like a foregone conclusion. Facebook, after all, claims more than 70 million active users, and is ranked the second most-visited social web site in the world. Change Everything’s registered users number in the low thousands, largely drawn from the Vancouver area – and even if every single person in Vancouver joined, the site would still be dwarfed by the blue-and-white juggernaut.

Bah, Facebook has so jumped the shark, anyway. You need to register to vote, but the registration process is low friction. Go forth and support the local cause (they’re in “Social/Networking”, under “Community”).

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