Client Plug: Turn In That Old and Busted Lawnmower

Mower Close-UpWe’re doing some work at the moment for the Clean Air Foundation. Specifically, we’re helping to spread the word about Mow Down Pollution, one of those small, worthy causes that makes the world a little greener. They’re running a program to get rid of as many of those old, polluting, two-stroke mowers are they can:

Bring your working or non-working gas-powered mower or trimmer to any Home Depot location between April 17 and 27, 2008 and receive up to a $100 instant rebate on the purchase of a new push-reel, electric, rechargeable or low-emission alternative mower or trimmer.

When we took on this project, I was a little sceptical. Lawnmowers are big polluters? As it turns out, they’re pretty dirty:

  • A gas mower can emit the same amount of air pollutants in one hour as driving a new car for over 550km.
  • Statistics Canada reports that gas-powered lawn equipment releases about 80,000 tonnes of emissions in Canada every year, using 151 million litres of gas.

The Mow Down program has been around since 2001, and thus far has taken 18,000 gas lawnmowers and trimmers off of the country’s lawns.

Of course, you could go one step better and just get rid of the monoculture that is your lawn altogether. Here are some earth-friendlier alternatives.

We had a launch event yesterday behind the legislature building in Victoria. Minister of the Environment Barry Penner was on hand to give some of the alternative mowers a try on the legislature lawn. I took some photos.

Thanks to Rob, Erika and Rebecca for blogging about this. If you want to mention it, don’t let me stop you. If that’s too much of a commitment, you can become a fan on Facebook.


  1. Hello,
    Environmental pollutions is one of the serious threats facing humanity today, more, it is the problem that concerns every human creature. Only due to joined concern and hard efforts we can find a solution for this problem. Today I was talking with one of my friends. They are now doing a project on how to convert a gas lawn mower to solar charged electric power. Actually the project is a very promising one; however, actions always speak louder than words. My congratulations.

  2. I don’t know if I can get rid of my mower, but I *AM* going to reduce the amount of grass I’ve got to mow!! More flowerbeds, coming up!

  3. I loathe gas lawnmowers and really lawns in general – give me natural ground cover instead, saves time and looks nice. Though in reality, the electric are way better (and quieter) than the lousy gas mower – ugh.

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