Breaking on Through to Robson Station

My friend Eric is working on the Skytrain the Canada Line tunnels that are slowly threading their way under our city. Yesterday he wrote about breaking through to Robson Station:

It was pretty cool to experience the cutting head break through. I was expecting a much more gentle crumbling of the earth than the explosive display I witnessed. In fact, there was so much force that much of the rock, concrete, sludge and water sprayed 100 feet right towards us. I was standing about 150 feet back and got a little spray on my helmet.

He also included this cool photo:

Break on Through

I’ve also been meaning to congratulate my friend Lesley (Eric’s wife and the editor of our ebook) on winning the 12th annual Vancouver Courier Fiction contest. She’s a terrific writer, and she should blog more often. The link to the story is currently missing from–somebody from the Courier should get that fixed.


  1. Hi Darren
    I wanted to ask you about this issue. It seems the Courier is not going to put the link back up…because of some ownership issue with material from contests. I have a PDF of the article but don’t know how to get it online. I am not sophisticated enough to write the code into my blog for expandable entries. Any suggestions of how I could publish her article? Thanks, Eric

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