Pink, Perfumed Letters = We Want Your Attention

Over on the blog for our ebook site, I’ve written a post describing our slightly unusual strategy for pitching some top echelon bloggers:

We wrote each of them a hand-written letter on pink note cards and decorated them with stickers. We used one of those silver pens that were really popular with girls when I was in elementary school. When you shake the pens, they rattle like a can of spray paint. This, obviously, was to make the letters stand out, and it jibed with the whole ‘dates and relationships’ theme of the book.

Unusual pitching strategies are a topic we cover in some depth in our book. Part of the strategy is linking to these folks, so that I can get 117 seconds of their attention. I do that on, and I’ll replicate that list here:

Steve Rubel
Andy Beard
Lee Odden
Toby Bloomberg
Andy Beal
Robert Scoble
Jeremiah Owyang


  1. Now that, I must say, is a pretty creative way to get someone’s attention!

    Best of luck with the sale of your ebook.


  2. Darren – you got me at “pink notes” .. so very diva-ish. Happy to give you 120 seconds! Seriously what is more important than a fun approach is the cred of the person and his (or her) understanding of this space. Needless to say you have both in spades.

  3. Drop me an email Darren. You did get my attention with the previous link, and also a vote on Sphinn.
    Strange as it may seem my subscribers might not be your target audience.

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