Does Anybody Else Have iPhatigue?

iPhatigue.comI’m sure that the iPhone is, indeed, a herald of the Second Coming, the key to the Ark of the Covenant and the missing piece of the Rosetta Stone, all rolled into one. But, you know, I feel like we’ve all obsessed over it enough, and it’s time to move on. As Life Gives You Lemons points out, (via Hugh and That Canadian Girl), there’s been precious little talk of more important news.

I was lying down for a nap this morning (I got up very early), musing on the iHue and iCry. A word came to me, out of the iEther:


And so that begot, yet another one-page satire. Hopefully my obscure location on a tiny island in the Mediterranean (sans Apple Store, I hasten to add) will protect me from the iCult.


  1. Even just the energy used to ignore all the hype is exhausting.

    1) I don’t even use a cellphone, why would I care about this one.

    2) I’m a Canadian and couldn’t use one even if I wanted to.

    iPahtigue indeed.

    Goes to show how US-centric the whole product marketing world is though.


  2. The people I’ve talked to who got one say it goes well past what they expected. There’s a lot of coverage, but anything that changes the fastest growing technology (mobile phones) in human history IS news.

    Are there more important things to talk about? Sure, like how quickly people forget that AT&T was happy to provide unfettered and warrentless access to customer communications, as I’m sure they will continue to do so with iPhone customers. But face it, news is short-term obsession-driven and this fits the bill perfectly. The free market at work.

  3. Herald of the Second Coming? All inhabitants of the world will worship the iBeast?

  4. how about we got off the damn iPhone topic and get back to Paris, cuz you can never have enough Paris.

  5. That’s a great term for it. This week is, “look at my iPhone week” but I think things will start to get back to other news after people return from a long 4th of July weekend.

  6. …and in a month we will hear the first cries of dissatisfaction: Cracked screens, poor battery life, song libraries wiped out etc etc…

  7. Lot’s of I’s floating about it would appear. Makes me wonder whatever happened to a certain doctor in Kitsilano that I was talking to oh, around ’98 or ’99. At that time, he told me he was parking as many domain names that began with the “i” prefix as he could think of.

  8. Well…it sure as hell beats all the media blather over Paris Hilton or Angelina and Brad.

    As a Mac user since 1986, I have to say it is very, very funny.

    Good work.

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