Hey GrandCentral, Let Me Try Your Service

This is a message for the folks at GrandCentral. I sent them an email, but I’ll bet they get a lot of email, so I figured I’d try a different route. The rest of you can move along.

Hi Grandcentralites,

I’m living in Malta for six months, but my wife and I are still using our Canadian cell phones. We’ve been waiting for GrandCentral’s service to come to Canada so that it can solve a couple of telephony problems for us, and save us some money.

I tried to access your service, but your site detected that I’m not in North America and gave me the cold shoulder. Can I get a hall pass to sign up for the service? I have a Canadian address and everything. Thanks, muchly.

Thanks to Sean for tipping me off that GrandCentral has come to the Great White North.


  1. Huh? GrandCentral is in Canada? How? When I go there, it only lists U.S. states as options for signup…

  2. Hmm…maybe I’ve been mislead? I got tipped off, but apparently I’ve been tipped off incorrectly. Mind you, the rejection message I get on the GrandCentral site indicates the service is “only available from within the US and Canada”. So, maybe in Canada but not in the 604 area code?

  3. In the 780 (edmonton) and I too get rejected. Tried other area codes in BC and Alberta and none of them work.

  4. I forgot to mention that I had searched their blog where they make the announcements of additions for both Ontario and Canada. Nadda

  5. google just bought out grandcentral… talk about timing. sign up now for a beta account.

  6. Yes Google bought them, but they’ve done the same as in the past when they bought services such as Writely; they’ve closed new registrations down and are only accepting wait list registrations. The twist on this one is that when you are signing up for the wait list, you choose and reserve the number you will eventually get; and the list of locations remains the same, limiting the wait list applicants to the same geographic areas.

  7. GrandCentral is not in Canada yet — I’ve been running off of a Seattle number since the service started many months ago.

    There was a time when some canadian area codes were available on the site but this was an error that has since been corrected.

    Anyone with a beta account can invite others in to the beta testing. 🙂

  8. Yeah, GrandCentral needs to add Canadian service, and Jott needs to add more Canadian functionality. Two disappointing telephony offerings, if you live north of the 49th and not in TO.

  9. The last comment was in August, maybe things evolved and I am just not aware of it… Any news on GrandCentral comming to Canada??

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