Happy Canada Day

Tonight we’re going to a Canada Day dinner hosted by the Canadian-Gozitan (Gozitans are people from Gozo) Society. It should be fun.

In 2001, we celebrated Canada Day in a slightly dodgy Austrailian bar in Dublin (the city didn’t have any Canadian bars that we knew of). The Hip was on the stereo, the Molson flowed and Don Cherry was on the big screen. It was a tad surreal, but a good time was had by all.

In celebration of Canada Day, I cruised through my Flickr photos and found some that felt particularly Canadian:

Geese and Goslings 4


There are more after the jump.

House o' Government

In the Elevator

Peacekeepers' Memorial

Flag Bearers

Allo Maurice

Parliament Silhouette


On Watch 2



  1. Ah… the wonderful Canadian geese. We in Minnesota curse Canadians when those lovely birds come migrating through! 😉

  2. Is there such a thing as a “Canadian Bar?”

    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a place outside of Canada.

  3. Thomas: I know of at least three: the Maple Leaf in London, and the Great Canadian and the Moosehead in Paris. I’m not saying they’re necessarily good bars, but they’re definitely Canadian.

  4. hey buddy
    I checked out the moosehead and the great Canadian and my view is the Canadian looks a little smarter but the service sucks and the staff are not very cool,
    The moosehead on the other hand made me feel more at home the food was thye real deal and there were babes galore? so thats my pick, Although they are not like you will find at home they’re the next best thing.


    1. I went to both THE GREAT CANADIAN PUB and The Moose in Paris. THE GREAT CANADIAN PUB was by far the better digs. The food was great, the staff was friendly and mostly Canadian. The Moose was dingy and dirty and smelled. The bartender at The Moose (from Israel) said the owner was Australian and ragged on Canadians. THE GREAT CANADIAN PUB was spotless even in the toilets where they had TV screens above the urinals!! There was a great buzz all night. The owners are Canadian and it shows. Canada Day was a blast and i’ll be back next trip for sure. p.s; thanks to Taylor and Pascal…..jagerbombs!!!!!!!!

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