The CBC is Kicking It Blog Style

Monsieur Maffin emailed to let me know about Inside the CBC, a new gossip and news blog about the nation’s broadcaster. Tod’s writing it:

I don’t get leaked any advance CBC information or participate in any pre-announcement strategy meetings or anything like that. Likewise, I don’t tell them in advance what gets posted here or how. They don’t get an opportunity to review or edit or veto anything. They read what I write the same time you do. I suppose if push came to shove and they told me to take something down or edit it, I would. But having been working with these folks now for a month in beta, I can’t imagine that kind of scenario. In the end, we’re all working toward opening up communication at the CBC — a good goal.

I look forward to reading this badboy, particularly during labour crises. Ouimet and Gillian have also written about this topic.

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  1. It is time that the government greatly reduces funding for CBC. It is a waste of Tax Payer Money. I have had enough, listening to a hord of Schmucks discussing $5.00 dollars worth of Letterheaded stationary, sent in a clerical error, as if it is the end of the World. How much did CBC pay for all that programming for the last 3-4 days ? 250,000.00 two hundred and fifty thousand and more !!!! It is Time to cut staff of CBC ” Top Down ” Enough of all this waste in TaxPayer Money !!!

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