Michael Arrington at Gnomedex

Notes from Gnomedex:

* Death of couchsurfing
* Arrington is a funny guy, and kind of feisty
* Digg has 8 to 9 million visitors per month
* MySpace has 240,000 new users per day
* YouTube built a great architecture, iterated quickly and beat the crap out of everybody
* We need better business models than advertising
* From the back channel: “ethank-gnomedex: Youtube’s business model doesn’t keep pace with their operational oerhead”
* Every single Digg clone is failing because they can’t overcome the network effect.
* Kathy Gill: Geeks shouldn’t name things

How is this boom different from the last bubble burst?
* Companies aren’t going public like Web 1.0
* Venture capital is starting to flow back in, but not nearly at the level of 1998 or 1999

* Netscape is now a ‘frickin’ Digg clone’.

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