All Sports Stories Are About People

Maybe it’s because I’m a long-suffering Canucks fan, but I really dig Tom Benjamin’s NHL weblog. He recently received an email from a sportswriter, and does some good thinking (if occasionally heavy-handed: “inherent conflicts of interest and a bankrupt culture”?) about sports journalism:

One of Brian Burke’s favourite lines about the hockey media was that he has not learned a single thing about hockey from a hockey reporter. I can’t say the same thing but only because I don’t know nearly as much as Burke. I learned a lot from Howie Meeker and Jim Robson and Kelly Hrudey. I’ve learned from things that people like Brian Burke have said to me through a hockey reporter.

Ah, Brian Burke. The former Canucks GM was always good for a quote (unlike our current I’m-a-Harperesque-robot GM). Here’s a page with a few more. It doesn’t feature my favourite, though: “If Klatt wants to take more money from LA, then i’ll drive him to the airport”. I don’t think he did, ultimately.


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