The Excellent 43 Thongs

There’s a group of aspirational Web 2.0 sites: 43 Things, 43 People and 43 Places. They’re cool, but I’ve never been particularly interested in them (I made a half-assed profile at some point).

Richard has created a dead-on, amusing parody of these sites: 43 Thongs. Disappointingly, he’s referring to the flip flops, not the underwear:

The site shows a selection of photos that people have posted to Flickr tagged with ‘thongs’, though not photos of people wearing the uncomfortable (so I’ve been told) type of underwear. No, the thongs you put on your feet when going to the beach.

He hasn’t opened up registration yet, but I hope he does. My first answer to “What do you want to do in your thongs?” is “Clean myself in a communal shower”.


  1. “Disappointingly, he’s referring to the flip flops, not the underwear”

    I initially considered it, but in the end, if I open up user registration for the site, then people are going to upload photos of their (or even worse, someone else’s) underwear, which might sometimes mean that said underwear may or may not fully cover up the naughty bits.

    I know, I know, think of the traffic. But also, think of the headaches.

    When we were talking about it in email, I missed the opportunity, so here goes: I want the site to be G-rated, not about G-strings.

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