Charlene Li on Podcasting

Hurray, I’m no longer the podcasting Antichrist. Charlene Li gets to take on that mantle in reporting Forrester’s new research. You have to pay an arm and a leg to get the full report, but here’s some data she quotes:

Forrester projects that just 700,000 households in the US in 2006 will use podcasting, and that it will grow to 12.3 million households in the US by 2010. (See Forrester’s “The Future Of Digital Audio” report). Just to give you some context, we expect MP3 adoption to be almost 11 million households in the US this year, and grow to 34.5 million households by 2010.

As always, I’d be curious about the study’s methodology, but I trust Forrester to do a decent job with this sort of thing. I’m just glad that there’s some more authoritative research than that debunked Pew survey. And let me second Charlene’s affection for NPR’s On the Media.

For comparison, I went looking for the listenership of college radio. I couldn’t find anything in my 48 second Google search. I did discover that there are roughly 16 million college students in the States, plus what, another 1.5 million in Canada? What portion of those do you figure listen to college radio? As a guy who spent 5 years at UVic and never once listened to the local radio station (in truth, I barely ever listened to the radio, full stop), I have no idea.

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