Get Your Cult On: Motorola ROKR and the iPod Nano

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Finally! A new way for Apple cultists to show their love for the Jobs and his immortal vision. Witness the Motorola ROKR (that’s no doubt pronounced ‘rocker’). It’s pictured at left, though don’t ask me what kind of nuts those are. From the good folks at Gizmodo:

To clear up the first big question: 100 song capacity, and it uses the iTunes interface. It’s a quad band GSM phone, color screen, built-in camera with stereo speakeres and a mobile headset. One button access to iTunes, USB 2.0 connection for transferring songs and random autofill or manuall fill.

I’m all over this badboy. I always feel a little ridiculous carrying around both my cell phone and my iPod. They’re a natural convergence point. For Canadians (like me), apparently the, er, ROKR, will be released in mid-September with Rogers. You can check out the forthcoming TV ads and a demo online.

Also from Apple, the ‘impossibly small’ Apple Nano. Peace out, Apple Mini. Flights of angels and all that.

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  1. What’s the general reaction in Canada at the 100 songs limit and the ugliness of the phone?

    In the UK, I found the general response rather lukewarm. A. the phone doesn’t look like anything special and B. quite a few phones can already hold many more mp3s than that. Which means the only special aspect of it is that the 100 songs can be managed in iTunes.

    Granted, this is really only a proof of concept at the moment, but if they can develop it to allow more music and easy sync’ing, along with a funky design, then they’re minted!

    As for the mini dissapearing off the range, let me shed a tear again…

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