My Pender Island Forum URL

Last week, I solicited suggestions for a forum site about Pender Island:

I’ve decided to further exploit my friends at Bryght, and start a website that hosts a discussion forum for Pender Island residents. They can talk about whatever they want. It would just be an experiment—if nobody ever uses it, so be it.

Thanks to everybody who offered suggestions–they were all great. After much deliberation, I think I’m going to go with It’s a little unusual, which should make it stickier, and I think the spelling is unambiguous. Thanks to Josh for the excellent suggestion. If anybody has any really compelling reasons why I shouldn’t go with it, speak now or forever hold your peace.

UPDATE: Thanks to the folks at for my happy, happy customer experience.


  1. A minor quibble/question, just wondering why do you never seem to consider using .ca or for your URLs?

  2. Cee: I did, but ultimately I concluded that the average person still lives in a dot-com world. If I bought .ca or (I also considered .org), I’d probably have to buy .com anyway, to capture the, er, slower users.

    I also feel that the original meanings of the top-level domains have become woefully diluted.

  3. Well, looks like at least two others had the same suggestion…I just got the lucky timing 🙂 But glad I could help!!

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