Croquet Clash and Gansta Style

As I mentioned, last night featured some hot croquet action between the folks from Raincity Studios and my home team at Capulet. Ostensibly it was to celebrate the end of the Strathcona BIA redesign project (yes, it’s a Bryght site). But really, we wanted to, you know, throw down and kick it old school.

Mark from Raincity pipped Julie and Kathleen at the post to take the victory. As a result, Capulet had to buy dinner at Carlos ‘n’ Buds (Wann findet das naechste Treffen im Carlos’N Buds statt?), where the aforementioned soccer idea was born.

Here are some photos of the hard-fought match (I particularly like this one of Celia plus fitness Nazis). More importantly, Lindsay invented a gangsta sign for Capulet, and here’s some video of us doing it (MOV, 1.2 MB).

The croquet equipment and expertise was thanks to the Eastside Croquet Club, which features the four hottest croquet players in town.

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