First Canada/US Tunnel Opens and Rapidly Closes

Canadian and American authorities busted a 90 110 meter tunnel designed for cross-border drug smuggling in BC:

The tunnel was almost a metre wide and 1.5 metres high with a concrete floor, the Times reported. It had wood-beam supports, fibreglass walls, ventilation, video security and groundwater-removal systems. Several altars with flowers and pictures of saints also were found inside.

Apparently it went from a Quonset hut on the Canadian side to the living room of an abandoned house on the American side. In the two articles I read, there was no word as to which direction the drugs were flowing (presumably south). There are some photos of the (pretty darned impressive) project here.


  1. I drive by that Quonset almost every day on my way home from work. Yesterday, I took a different route, on a whim, and missed all the excitement. And they say nothing ever happens in Aldergrove …

  2. Wow. The police FINALLY catch up with what’s been happening for years. Obviously the H. Angels who were busted last week spilled the beans (for what plea bargin??). Let’s see what else is ferreted out in the next few weeks … I think we will certainly see the legalization of said substance soon, as the H.A. were the main obstacle standing in the way.

  3. Not the first tunnel.

    The first goes from Windsor to Detroit (hmmm, my fumblefingers initially typed that as ‘Detriot’).

    When you take the tunnel from Canada to the US you drive in a slightly northward direction!

  4. I know a guy who lives a few houses down from where it happens…he says it’s funny how there’s piles of reporters still at the US site of what’s going on. And there’s a cop sitting in a chair in front of the driveway at the Canadian house.

    The fuzz knew about the tunnel for a while, they waited for it to be done so they could catch ’em in the act.

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