Where the Hot People Are

As you’ll recall, Hot or Not is a venerable site with a simple premise: judge the attractiveness of strangers. Impressively, there’s an API for the site, where coders can build services on top of the site’s data. The Business 2.0 Blog points to the folks at FrozenBear, who have mashed up Hot or Not with Google Maps.

Just enter a gender, sexual preference and an area code and identify the highest density of attractive people. For example, the screenshot shows all the Hot or Not gay men in lower Manhattan (no joy on Canada, yet). Actually, it’s a little unclear to me if the site shows all Hot or Not members, or just the ones rated above a certain minimum hotness.

The site has a practical purpose, in that Hot or Not works as a dating service as well. So, you might want to identify where the local hotties are before they reject you.

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