Those clever, clever French. Via We Make Money Not Art via The Cellar Image of the Day, we find a promotion for the new Paris phone books.

In an affected use of punctuation, they call them «clean-tags»:

These ads are for the French Yellow Pages. They are on the sidewalk. But they aren’t painted on; actually, they’re painted off! The lettering was produced by cleaning only along those lines. It’s supposed to last three [ed: actually, one] months.

I imagine this only works in your dirtier, older cities (though I’ve always found Paris clean compared to the UK and Ireland). Newly-built suburbs need not apply.

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  1. Hi Darren:

    Your observation about the UK & Ireland seeming dirtier than Paris is supported within the promotion itself, as it actually says the idea for “clean tags” came from “the other side of the Channel”.

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