Two Great CBC Segments

Traditionally I’m not a big radio listener, but I’ve recently been listening to the CBC more often. I recently heard two pieces which I thought I’d pass on, as you can listen to them off the CBC’s site (in both cases you may have to scroll down a bit, and then search through the Real Audio file for the story) :

  • “Chris Mackey works for an accounting firm in Britain. Except Mackey isn’t his real name. And before he was crunching numbers, he was crunching minds, for the U.S. Army in Afghanistan.” There’s no great revelations of prisoner abuses. Instead, it’s a fascinating look into this unfortunate but necessary profession. Mr. Mackey has peculiarly direct manner that’s kind of chilling.
  • “Last fall our producer Nicola Luksic immersed herself in one game called “Mortality.” The event unfolded over the course of an entire weekend on a 5 acre patch of land just north-east of Toronto.” All about the strange world of Live Action Role Playing. Certain bits of this piece made me cringe in the same way that the BBC’s The Office used to.


  1. The best of the summer CBC line up that I’ve heard is O’Reilly on Advertising. Terry O’Reilly (no relation that I’m aware of to the Bruins great) hosts the half-hour segments that amount to war stories from trenches of radio advertising. O’Reilly has a great, breezy style and the content always ends up capturing my attention. It’s the kind of radio that I stay in the car to listen to, even after I’ve arrived where I’m going.

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