Instagrammed photos from Languedoc

We’ve had lots of guests here in France over the past couple of months, and so I’ve been doing more than my fair share of seeing the sights. Along the way, I’ve enjoyed using Instagram to share photos of the countryside. Here are a few:

An art gallery sign in the little seaside town of Bages.

Also in Bages, this is a garage door covered in hooves. I thought maybe they were deer hooves, but Lee thought they were too hairy. Goats, maybe? That’d be rather devilish.

It’s been fascinating to watch the vineyards transform from barren miniature tree trunks to verdant ribs across the belly of the countryside. The grapes are already the size of a marble.

A stained glass window from the beautiful Abbey Frontfroide. The abbey was originally built in the 11th century, but this window is from the early 20th century. A local artist assembled it from the broken remnants of other church windows damaged during World War I.

A horse near our house in Argeliers.

Pro tip: I’m using If this, then that to set up a rule that automatically backs up my Instagram photos to my Flickr account. This enables me to easily link to the photos on my laptop. Otherwise, it’s a little challenging, because Instagram doesn’t really have a desktop view–it’s strictly a mobile platform.

This app offers another way to see your Instagram photos with a desktop browser. For example, here are all of mine.


  1. The feet on the door are probably wild boar (pigs have long dewclaws). Looks like there might be a couple of deer in there too (lower right).

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