Do I Need to Sterilize This Deer Skull?

Last December, while visiting our property on Pender Island, we discovered the body of a recently-deceased fawn. It was on the road leading into our property, so I dragged it aside.

Yesterday, Julie visited our property to check on a couple of things, and she found that the deer’s bones had been scattered far and wide. She kindly brought the deer’s skull home for me.

With the exception of some gungy teeth, it’s picked clean. It’s also rather delicate–the bone is very thin. Do you think I should wash it? Drench it in vinegar? Or should I just forgo my dumb, urbanite anxieties about deer plague?


  1. I wouldn’t personally worry about deer plague, though I might boil it in some vinegar water to clean it (more for aesthetics than sterilization).

  2. If you ever decide you no longer want the deer skull I’d be happy to give it a home. I have other bones to go with it (as does Kirsti).

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