Important Movies Shot North of the Border

The other day I saw this neat map on Reddit. It’s supposed to show movies that best illustrate each of the fifty states.

I got to thinking about how many popular movies have been shot up in Canada. That inspired a map of my own. I tried to select the most culturally important movie for each province. Here’s what I came up with. Click to enlarge:

I tried to view things through the long lens of historical context. Yes, the Twilight movies are more popular than First Blood today. However, I think we’re likelier to have ‘John Rambo’ as a cultural touchstone in 50 years than Edward and Jacob.

How do you think I did?


  1. I can’t really argue with what you’ve got there.

    I think Unforgiven (the Clint Eastwood one) was filmed in Alberta. It’s a strong challenger to Brokeback Mountain for the Alberta position.

  2. There has to be something better for Saskatchewan, especially in recent years. Lots of things are filmed in Regina now, because they have a good sound stage.

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