115 Things To Do in New York

Earlier this summer I solicited suggestions for offbeat things to do in New York. I spent about ten days there (here’s my report), and Julie stayed for a month or so. She gathered suggestions from all corners–some offbeat, some commonplace–and assembled them into a spreadsheet.

Should you travel to the Big Apple in the near future, you may find the list useful:


  1. Cupcakes is a restaurant, not a daytime activity.

    And how did my suggestion of the Odd 6th Floor Room Full of Dirt not make the list?

    1. Hmm…off the top of my head, here’s eight:

      1) Go see a Broadway play or musical. Bonus points if it’s new, or newish.

      2) Julie had great things to say about ‘The Moth’, and I really dig their podcast.

      3) Shakespeare in the Park.

      4) New Museum of Contemporary Art

      5) Momofuku noodle house (specifically, the pork buns, reportedly).

      6) Chelsea Market

      7) The High Line

      8) Afternoon tea at the Plaza Hotel

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