A Sign For Zero Percent of Its Users

I was in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, on our way to Mexico, when I spotted this sign. It was on the inside of the door to the men’s bathroom in an airport lounge.

From the Men's Bathroom

How odd that it’s in the men’s bathroom and phrased in the first second person like that?


  1. It’s for the guys who, after they finish in the bathroom, plan to swing by the bar and pick up Jäegerbombs for their waiting, pregnant girlfriends at Da Club.

    1. Indeed. I made that crushing realization about an hour after I’d left the Mexican Starbucks where I’d camped to do some work and post this badboy.

  2. ha ha -you would have liked the billboard I saw in Botswana it read in bold letters KNOW YOUR FACTS: Circumcision prevents HIV.

    I wish I had had time to take a photo.

  3. It’s a well established fact that the men’s washroom isn’t really the men’s washroom, but instead the women’s overflow washroom.

    And would it have made more sense to have it in the third person? “If one might be pregnant, she should think before she drinks”. I think given the personal responsibility angle of the message, the second person makes sense.

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