Finding the Cheapest Parking Rates in Vancouver

Last night I was at a client event, and some developers were demonstrating applications they’d built on top of the City of Vancouver’s Open Data catalogue.

The app I really liked is called VanPark 2010, and overlays metered parking rates on top of a map of downtown Vancouver.

Parking Rates in Vancouver

Lots of geeks abstractly advocate the power of open source and open data, but this seems to be a great example of how opening up data can help the average citizen. I requested a feature where the user enters an address, and the app highlights the cheapest parking within, say, 500 meters.

And can we take a moment to recognize the awesomeness of Bing Maps’ Birds eye view functionality. It truly is the eye of God.


  1. Vanpark 2010 is no longer a website. Where did it go?? Is there anything to fill the void that shows parking rates for meters on a map of downtown Vancouver?

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