Chinchilla Lost and Found

For no reason in particular, lately I’ve been mentioning lost animal posters. The other day I saw a poster for a lost chinchilla named Finn. Is the name important? Do chinchillas come when they’re called?

In any case, I’d assumed that poor Finn was probably caught and consumed by a dog, coyote or particularly large cat. However, it turns out that he survived:

Chinchilla Poster

I appreciate that the owner went around and actually marked up all the posters with the good news. I always wonder what the success rate is on lost pets. It’s a little weird that the owner wrote the follow-up note in the first person, isn’t it? But, then, I gather chinchillas are excellent jumpers.

By the way, this is the best photo I’ve seen in Wikipedia for a while.

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  1. We once lost our chinchilla and put up signs around the neighborhood. Our neighbor found him sitting under their car a couple of days later, totally fine. I think chinchillas actually have a good chance of surviving outside here, since they can run fast, jump, and are fearless. I don’t think any predators here know what to do with them!

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