Three New-to-Me Blogs

Last week was a research-intensive week, and in my online travels I encountered three interesting new blogs. I have little sense of their relative popularity, so apologies if you all have seen them already:

  • Regretsy – You’re likeliest to have seen this one, which is kind of a People of Walmart for crafting. The site features the worst and strangest products advertised on Etsy. Speaking as a craft-free zone over here, the site comes off as rather cruel: “ha, ha, look at the crap people are trying to sell”. But, each to their own.
  • Hey Oscar Wilde – “This website, now in its tenth incarnation since being launching in June, 1998, is an extension of a personal art collection of various artists interpreting their favourite literary figure/author/character.” A source of excellent illustration and portraiture work–I quite like this vogon.
  • 2000 Dollar Wedding – These folks are, you guessed it, planning their $2000 wedding online. I found this site because she was a Blog Action Day participant.
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