What Are Pregnant Women?

Last night we were watching an episode of “Scrubs”. It featured an anime-eyed, ukelele playing actress who I vaguely recognized. Here she is in a romantic duet with the hapless, sweaty lawyer Ted:

Apart from being an actress, I remembered that she was in a musical comedy duo. I couldn’t remember their name, but I did recall the title of one of their songs: “Pregnant Women Are Smug”. Depending upon your state of mind, that video may either anger or amuse you. Proceed at your own risk.

So I started to google “pregnant women are”, and was amused by the possible results that Google suggested:

What Are Pregnant Women?

What an odd set of suggestions, eh? The results raised a related question in my mind: why would somebody phrase their search as “pregnant women are hot” or “pregnant women are moody”? It seems way more natural to search for “hot pregnant women” or “why are pregnant women moody?”

For the record, the actress is the charming, waifish Kate Micucci, and she’s in Garfunkel and Oates.


    1. I know. Plus, according to their website, they’re actually going to play with John Oates this weekend.

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