Link Round-Up: Release the Charts Edition

Over the past few days, I’ve encountered a number of excellent charts and graphs. And, as regular readers know, I love a good chart:

  • Where does the average American’s after-tax income go to? On Reddit, people were remarking that $1800 was too much for ‘apparel and services’. I disagreed–it felt about right if I add in clothes, shoes, haircuts and such. Maybe I’d be a bit below that figure, but not by much.
  • Grant McCracken reports on the success of True Blood, the charming HBO show featuring Anna Paquin and a lot of vampires.
  • Not a chart per se, but a fantastic list of the songs people have deleted from their account. These are, presumably, the songs that people are embarrassed about other people knowing they like or listen to them. As Paul points out, these are the guilty pleasure songs.
  • Lastly, there’s the highs and lows of male development. It pretty much speaks for itself.
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