Facing Ali

My friend Pete McCormack (novelist, musician, filmmaker, blogger et al) has a great-looking documentary coming out, entitled “Facing Ali” (looks like the associated website is forthcoming). Here’s the trailer:

Those chants at the start of the trailer are the crowd saying “Ali bomaye”, which means “Ali, kill him”, in reference to his historic ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ fight with George Foreman.


  1. He is truly iconic. Despite a limited education, Ali was smarter than most. He stood for what he believed in. He loved children and all that was good. He hated war, racism and all that was bad. There should have been more Muhammed Ali’s in this world.

  2. I can not, for the life of me, get this trailer out of my head. The image of the old warrior jogging (looks like George Forman but it could be Ali) is a haunting figure. I recall how Ali was so verbally brutal towards the inarticulate Frazier and how “we” cheered him on because of it. To paraphrase Formen, “I know I did. And when Foreman returned from the “rumble in the jungle” he went through a depression and found God. It is all the more commendable that Foreman sees Ali as the true champion that he is. The combined heavenly chorus with urban rap is both heart warming and gut-wrenching. I’ll read the book before I see the film for obvious reasons. Thanks!

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