The Kiwis and Their Wacky Human-Powered Monorail

The Discovery Channel brought my lazy channel surfing the other day to a resounding halt. They were doing a story on the Shweeb (I still think that ought to be “Schweeb”), a human-powered monorail in New Zealand:

That’s a bit Minority Report, isn’t it? I suppose it would keep you dry riding to and from work in Vancouver winters–but how would you turn corners when you reached an intersection?


  1. It’s at an amusement park-type place, with a dual loop track like a slot car track, where you start and finish at the same place but diverge a bit in between. You pays your money, you race your buddy. It’s not some pseudo-futuristic transport solution, though I wouldn’t mind riding one on my commute.

    1. Indeed, I gather that. But it could be a transport system, I suppose. Besides, I imagine that most of the transport systems we use today started out as silly gimmicks at one point or another.

  2. What Simon said.

    It’s not a transport system it’s just a ride. We were there in January, and it did not look very appealing. It looked hot and swety in those cocoons actually. We went Zorbing nearby, and that had an excellent time.

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