Which Canadian MPs are on Twitter?

Skimming recent new followers this afternoon, I discovered that Ms. Denise Savoie, Member of Parliament for Victoria, is newly on Twitter. I started wondering which Canadian MPs are on Twitter?

I searched for a list, and mostly came up empty (Mack has a starter list of party leaders). So, I’m starting one. If you’ve got any additions, you can either submit via this form for the Google spreadsheet I started or leave a comment below.


    1. Thanks for that, I’ll add that. To limit graffiti et al on the spreadsheet, I set up a form that you can fill out to enter Twitter-enabled MPs. But I’ll add Ms. Davies.

  1. Cool list — FYI .. TonyClementMP ain’t being written by Tony Clement, the MP. (Same thing with a jimprentice on Twitter. That ain’t Jim Prentice, the Environment Minister.

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