Free Passes to “One Week” Opening

Thanks to Mongrel Media, I have, oh, about 40 movie passes to a screening of One Week (caution: auto-playing video ahead), a most Canadian movie starring Joshua Jackson. Here’s the trailer:

Gordon Downie, Tofino and the Stanley Cup? Most Canadian movie ever. Incidentally, is that an actual NHL player at about 1:50? I don’t recognize him.

The film also features the lovely and talented Liane Balaban. I first saw her in New Waterford Girl, a really charming Nova Scotian film. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a look.

Mr. Jackson, I should add, has done an admirable job of sustaining and bolstering a career that could have died with final episode of “Dawson’s Creek”.

The screening is at the Scotiabank Theatre on Thursday, March 5th at 7:00pm. If you want a couple of free passes, come find me at Northern Voice.


  1. Someone beat to it, I was just about to email you about this.

    I saw this film at the Victoria Film Fest and really really enjoyed.

  2. It kinda looks like Andy McDonald, who won the Cup with the Ducks in ’07 (but now plays for the Blues).

  3. BTW (for non-Vancouverites) Mongrel media is offering free passes to screenings in other (Canadian) cities off of the film website (linked in Darren’s topic post). Some cities are crossed off (“sold out”?)

    1. I hope it makes it to this side of the pond or else I’ll have to wait for it to be released on DVD…

  4. Saw it at our Monday Night film festival a couple of weeks ago. The producer and the editor were in the audience and answered questions at the end. The movie is, very much, Canadian in tone. “Canadian in tone” is one of those things that cannot be described in words but when you see the movie, you’ll grok the concept.

    My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it and it is easy to recommend it to people looking for a movie that is simultaneously idiosyncratic and inclusive.

    Incidentally, a quick check at IMDB shows two movies released this year with that title. The IMDB entry for this movie is found here:

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