We Saw Darcy Hordichuk at the Airport

Which, in truth, is pretty unremarkable. Hordichuk, for the non-Canucks fans, is a fourth-line enforcer whose principle job is to work hard and occasionally beat on other players. This was last Friday, and apparently he was returning to Vancouver to be with his wife who was having a baby. I wouldn’t have recognized him–James pointed the NHLer out to me.

We saw his driver first, a huge bald man in a black trench coat. To our amusement, he was carrying a sign that read “Mr. Darcy”. Maybe, I thought, he’s just a lonely Pride and Prejudice fan? I snapped a quick photo of the two of them, waiting for Mr. Darcy’s luggage.

Darcy Hordichuk and His, uh, Driver

How big is that guy? Hordichuk is listed at 6’1″. I know the perspective is off, but that is one large driver. You’d imagine that an NHL enforcer probably doesn’t need much off-ice back-up. But you get the sense that, to quote The Bourne Identity, the big guy knows how to handle himself.

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