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Some time last year, in some context, I’d mention the idea that Julie and I had to run a kind of TravelCamp in Vancouver. It would, I imagine, be in the mode of VinoCamp. That is, it would be an evening or day where enthusiastic travelers would come together to trade stories, tips and tricks about globetrotting. We’re thinking it would occur in Vancouver during the second half of 2009.

These events naturally attract the geeky and social media types, but I’d hope to corral some Normal Humans from the travel industry to participate as well.

The subject arose again today on Twitter, and a few people immediately expressed interest. So, as a kind of placeholder, I’ve set up a Google Group. It’s an announce-only group, and so will be very low-volume. You probably won’t receive more than six or eight messages from it. Once we have more details, I’ll set up a wiki or some other mechanism to solicit ideas and suggestions.

If you want to get notified about more details, you can sign up or subscribe to an RSS feed for the group.

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  1. sounds interesting though as a travel professional i would be hesitant to offer too many suggestions as a Normal Human from the travel industry. After all my professional advise is what my clients respect and renumerate me for.

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