In Praise of Salt Spring Coffee

Little FerryA couple of weeks ago we were at the Tsawassen ferry terminal, on our way back to Victoria. Due to a mechanical problem with one of the ferries, we faced a two-hour delay in departure. Julie and I wandered into the Tsawassen Quay Market, which is kind of a mini-mall situated between the vehicle lanes at the terminal.

I poked around with my iPhone, and eventually discovered that the Salt Spring Island Coffee outlet in the market was offering an open wifi network. We scored a table, purchased cookies and coffee, and set to work. The availability of internet access transformed that two-hour period from wasted to reasonably productive.

So, just a quick public thank-you to Salt Spring Island Coffee for making some wifi free and openly available at the ferry terminal.

On the other hand, I’ve abandoned all hope of having internet access on the ferry. I can’t imagine why they don’t offer it. My back-of-the-envelope math suggests that it would become an excellent revenue source in the first couple of years.


  1. Only about half the trip. But I’d rather not just tap away on my iPhone. I’d happily pay ten bucks a trip for decent access.

  2. BC Ferries also can’t handle debit. Years ago, they blamed insecure networks. Well, if airplanes can do internet, what is stopping BC Ferries at this point?

  3. I wish for wi-fi on the ferry too, though it wouldn’t be worth $10/trip to me. The Sunshine Coast route I take is only 40 minutes… On the other hand if they put it in their waiting rooms as well that could be a good chunk of time.

    I wonder why they don’t put a little gym on some boats. I think some weary commuters would love to squeeze in a little workout along the way.

  4. I’m on the Ferry Advisory Committee on Salt Spring and I have asked BC ferries why they do not have wi fi in the terminals or on the ships. Their answer is their lawyers said they would be liable if any one under 19 downloaded porn. I could not believe it. Our local radio station has had a few stories about this

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