A Cheeky Sign

I liked this cheeky sign at the, uh, coffee prep station at the Vancouver Art Gallery’s cafe:

Cheeky Sign at VAG Cafe

I’m going to miss the VAG cafe when the gallery moves to its new waterfront location. It’s a lovely, European-style cafe and an oasis of quiet in the downtown core. It always feels a little elicit illicit to be eating and drinking there, like you were having an affair behind the city’s back.

I’ll miss the gallery being at the centre of downtown as well. I’m far less likely to want to visit the Vancouver Museum (I won’t have the delightful experience of becoming a member), which, I gather, is the probable new tenant in the courthouse building. That said, I do think the Vancouver Museum deserves a more central location, and they’re a worthy replacement for the VAG.


  1. “Oasis of quiet”? I’ve only ever been in there during the lunch hours on weekdays but every time I’ve gone it’s been jammed to the rafters…

  2. @DJR Heh, and I’ve probably never been there at that time. So maybe it’s only quiet in the off-hours.

    @Lincoln D’oh. Fixed.

  3. I didn’t know the gallery is moving… I suppose if I watched the news or read a dead tree newspaper I might have known sooner… that is too bad as I really like that location!


  4. I agree with the comment about an affair – especially in the summer. Sitting on the patio, two olive martini in hand on a sunny afternoon watching the suits and the shoppers rush by is one of my top ten Vancouver experiences. It always feels a little naughty – but in a saucy, European vacation kind of way.

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