My Twitter-Goes-Mainstream Watershed Moment

Three years ago, I wrote about the moment that I knew the idea of podcasts had entered the mainstream. A friend from the theatre industry referenced an audio program that they listened to on the BBC. I asked if he had downloaded it, and he replied “no, it’s not a podcast or anything–it’s streaming.”

Last night, I had a similar experience with Twitter. I was at the opening of the Belfry Theatre’s production of “The Real World”, and chatting with two theatre artists before the show. Knowing of my day job and, uh, geeky predilictions, one asked me “what’s this Twitter thing about? Is it some kind of Flickr knockoff?” The other jumped in and said “yeah, I’m hearing about Twitter everywhere. What is it?”

These are both Normal Humans who, I think, view the computer as a tool they occasionally need. When friends and colleagues outside my geeky circle start asking about a technology trend, it’s a good indication that the thing has, as the kids say, tipped.


  1. *sigh* I remember a time when I had to actually know somebody to get myself invited to G-mail. Now even my mom’s using it.

    Of course she still insists on referring to the tower case of her computer as “the hard drive”.

  2. That was mentioned by someone I work with after the Christmas holidays. He flew back to Ontario to be with his folks for the holidays, and while he was there his mother asked him about Twitter.

    Tipping point indeed.

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