Men’s Boutiques in Vancouver

When we were in New York, we set one afternoon aside for shopping. We meandered through Nolita and Soho, checking out the boutiques. I was dismayed to discover that there was nary a men’s shop in sight. I later checked with my fashion designer aunt, and she told me most of the men’s boutiques were in Chelsea (home, of course, to a large population of gay men).

So I came back from New York with nothing but new socks. I still needed clothes, so I asked local fashion blogger Victoria for some recommendations. She wrote a great post describing nine stores, most of which I’ve never visited. It’ll be very handy the next time I need some cool clothes.

I’d add a couple of stores to Victoria’s list: You and Whose Army (I couldn’t find a site for it–is it still around?) and Moule (not only a men’s store, but they had some nice clothes at very healthy discounts when I visited last weekend).


  1. Vancouver is such a hard place to find menswear!

    Victoria’s list is great… it’s just hard to find something affordable! The menswear at Holt Renfrew is really nice and you can find a great deal when they go on sale.

    But if you’re looking for something affordable I think most men are limited to the chain stores (Zara, H&M, etc).

  2. I think a man whose interested in fashion is just sad. I want a manly man. Thats just my opinion.

    1. Insecure women are often intimidated by men who have interests other than just women. Strong women appreciate men who care enough to look good for them.

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