Men’s Boutiques in Vancouver

When we were in New York, we set one afternoon aside for shopping. We meandered through Nolita and Soho, checking out the boutiques. I was dismayed to discover that there was nary a men’s shop in sight. I later checked with my fashion designer aunt, and she told me most of the men’s boutiques were in Chelsea (home, of course, to a large population of gay men).

So I came back from New York with nothing but new socks. I still needed clothes, so I asked local fashion blogger Victoria for some recommendations. She wrote a great post describing nine stores, most of which I’ve never visited. It’ll be very handy the next time I need some cool clothes.

I’d add a couple of stores to Victoria’s list: You and Whose Army (I couldn’t find a site for it–is it still around?) and Moule (not only a men’s store, but they had some nice clothes at very healthy discounts when I visited last weekend).


  1. Vancouver is such a hard place to find menswear!

    Victoria’s list is great… it’s just hard to find something affordable! The menswear at Holt Renfrew is really nice and you can find a great deal when they go on sale.

    But if you’re looking for something affordable I think most men are limited to the chain stores (Zara, H&M, etc).

    1. Insecure women are often intimidated by men who have interests other than just women. Strong women appreciate men who care enough to look good for them.

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